Type I Diabetes (insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) or juvenile diabetes) is an autoimmune disease caused by deficiency of insulin production in our body. It occurs due to inflammatory damage to ?-cells in the pancreas due to an immune process. It results in an abnormally high blood sugar level (hyperglycemia).

In long term these patients develop organ related complications like fat deposition in blood vessels (atherosclerosis), loss of nerve function (neuropathy), kidney damage (nephropathy) and loss of vision (retinopathy). The mean age of onset of this condition is 8-12 years. Its incidence is 15 per 100,000 per year in US and affects 25.8 million people. Its overall incidence is increasing worldwide.

The signs and symptoms include increased thirst and increased urination. There is loss of weight though appetite may be increased. Other features include fatigue, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Women may develop absence of menstruation (amenorrhea). Recurrent candida infection, emotional lability and anxiety attacks are also associated. Over a longer period they may also develop numbness or burning sensation of the lower limbs, blurring of vision and impotence. Any minor cuts are more prone to infection and healing takes longer.

The goal of treatment is to keep the blood sugar levels under control and lead a near normal life. It also helps in prevention or delay of end organ damage and failure. Tapping on the right nutrition, physical activity and anti-antioxidants helps the individual to control the condition and protect from secondary organ system damages.


How USANA Products may help individuals with Diabetes Type 1

CellSentials provides for the overall antioxidant requirements of the body. Specifically for this condition, it contains different components that have been scientifically proven to act as an adjunct to usual drug therapy in controlling sugar levels in the body. It contains chromium which helps increase the sensitivity of muscles to the action of insulin thus, promoting better sugar storage in the muscles to be consumed as energy. Magnesium and manganese aid in insulin production. Vitamin B complexes, biotin, and inositol help prevent nerve problems secondary to diabetes.
Insulin is the transporter of vitamins C in the cells and thus lack of it requires more potent sources such as Poly C or Proflavanol C100 for the body to be supplied with the daily vitamin C requirement. Vitamin C also lowers the level of Sorbitol (type of sugar) that can deposit inside the cells and damage the eyes, nerves, and kidneys of people with diabetes.
Coquinone 30 assists the body in metabolizing sugars and carbohydrates. It helps control secondary disease condition such heart ailments.
Adding BiOmega will further assist in controlling secondary disease conditions such high cholesterol and heart problems that are usually coupled with diabetes. Individuals who are either over weight or with poor eating habits, should undergo Reset Program to help in the proper weight management.
Nutrimeal has a low glycemic index which makes it suitable for diabetic patient in controlling their blood sugar levels


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