Hi Coaches!

This flyer has already helped our team acquire sales from strangers and even make cold market leads pay-in and join our business. We just want to share this with you in the hope that this flyer will also be able to help you in your business.

This USANA presentation tool/flyer is excellent for quick yet thorough 20-minute presentation. If you don’t have enough time to do a presentation, simply hand out this flyer to your prospects. The content in this flyer was well thought-out and laid-out so anyone who browses through this will easily appreciate and learn about USANA and our products. Moreover, this is meant as a marketing tool to CAPTURE THE ATTENTION AND CURIOSITY OF YOUR PROSPECTS and not just a brochure type flyer.

If interested, please just fill-up the order form below. This flyer just costs P2.50 per piece. But for us to be able to get this at this low price, we need to print at least 25k pieces (normally, this flyer will cost over P7.00 per piece). And as of now, we just need a few more thousand pieces. We feel that we will be able to make quota in the next few days. As such, we may be printing a new batch of flyers as early next week (week of May 27). So if you would like to have your own copy, just let us know.

We are not doing this to make profit. We came up with an effective marketing tool for our business and we simply want  to share this with other associates. Now, to make it easier to facilitate and manage orders, we would like to set a minimum order of 400 pieces per person (P1,000). If you do not need this much for yourself, just ask a downline or crossline to share with you. We recommend that you get more than enough copies for yourself as this will not be regularly available at TEC or AIM and we do not know when the next batch of printing will be.

To pay for your orders, please deposit/transfer payments here:

Bank: BPI
Account Number: Savings 0939 27081 7
Account Name: Angel Rene L. Ungson

Upon making payment, please PM me (Angel Ungson) or txt me at (0947) 531-5322 so we can consolidate your payment with your order.

It will take approximately 5-7 days to get the flyers ready. Once complete, we will message you for pickup schedule (most probably at AIM during Wednesday training). For provincial orders, we can send you your flyers via LBC just let us know where you want your flyers shipped. You will have to shoulder shipping costs.

Thanks much coaches!


Price: P2.50 per piece
Minimum Order: 400 pieces (for easier facilitation)
Payment: BPI or contact me for other options
Printing Duration: 5-7 days
Pickup: AIM during Wednesday training or shipped via LBC


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