USANA Palmetto Plus
Designed for men concerned with maintaining healthy prostate function.*


Palmetto Plus is a combination of saw palmetto, lycopene, and soy isoflavones, which have been shown to assist in retaining prostate health.*

Maintaining prostate health should be a concern for all men, because as they age, many are at risk for developing prostate problems. However, a healthy diet and exercise, coupled with targeted, standardized botanical extracts, such as those found in Palmetto Plus, may help support long term prostate health.*


Palmetto Plus is a comprehensive formula that, over time, may provide long-term support for prostate health. Considerable clinical research has shown that a significant percentage of men using saw palmetto show a positive correlation between saw palmetto and prostate health.*

Lycopene is the most abundant carotenoid (vitamin-like compound) found in the prostate and may play a role in supporting a healthy prostate by supporting a balanced immune function and providing antioxidant protection. Soy isoflavones, a group of phytochemicals found in soybeans, have been shown to help maintain health functions throughout the body.*


USANA is one of only a few major manufacturers to combine saw palmetto with lycopene and soy isoflavones in a single product. Palmetto Plus is a convenient, effective way to obtain a comprehensive men’s health formulation at a reasonable price.*


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