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On the most basic, human level, there are certain nutrients everyone needs. While there is no replacement for a healthy diet, the CellSentials™ can help ensure you get the right amounts of the right nutrients to help you feel your best every day. Together, they provide a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and other plant nutrients that form the foundation of USANA’s nutritional system.


USANA CellSentials

Vita-Antioxidant supplies carefully balanced levels of high-quality vitamins and antioxidants plus the proprietary InCelligence Complex with cell-signaling technology.

The InCelligence Complex is a unique blend of ingredients that can broadly support the activation of a network of cell-signaling pathways to support optimal cellular resilience and longevity, which supports your body’s ability to meet your individual health needs. While there are many health-optimiz-ing pathways that the InCelligence Complex supports, there are two key processes it was designed to promote endogenous antioxidant protection; and mitochondrial renewal through mitophagy.

  • Vita-Antioxidant contains high-potency vitamin A from a blend of retinyl acetate (for those who don’t convert beta-carotene to vitamin A efficiently), mixed carotenoids, and beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A in the body only as needed. Beta-carotene supports cellular integrity and is important for strong heart, immune, and lung health. Along with the additional carotenoids in the formula—natural mixed carotenoids, lutein, and zeaxanthin—beta-carotene also helps preserve skin and eye health by providing oxidative defense against damaging UV rays.*
  • Vita-Antioxidant is an excellent source of vitamins B6 and B12, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, and folate. The B vitamins, which also include inositol, are essential to many aspects of our health. Usually grouped with the B vitamins, though not technically a vitamin, choline is an essential nutrient that supports cell structure and the transmission of nerve impulses from the brain throughout the central nervous system. It supports liver function and also helps maintain healthy homocysteine levels.*
  • Vita-Antioxidant is rich in vitamin C. USANA uses a unique Poly C vitamin C blend, which provides higher levels of vitamin C in plasma than ascorbic acid alone. Vitamin C is essential for synthesizing collagen, proteins that provide elasticity to our connective tissues, making it helpful in maintaining healthy veins and arteries, muscles, cartilage, tendons, bones, teeth, and skin. It also supports healthy production of immune cells.* Additional vitamin C is also found in Core CellSentials.
  • Vita-Antioxidant contains high-potency vitamin D. Vitamin D supports calcium absorption, helping to support healthy bone density. It also supports healthy cell growth as well as muscle, cardiovascular, and immune function.*
  • Vita-Antioxidant is a good source of vitamin E, and also contains 20 mg of mixed tocopherols in each tablet. The mixed tocopherols, though not technically vitamin E, offer similar functions. This is a comprehensive blend with broad-spectrum support that more closely reflects what would come from a healthy diet. Benefits include maintaining healthy blood flow, keeping arteries and blood vessels healthy, and supporting immune and cellular function.*


Formulated by a team of nutritional-science experts using readily bioavailable forms of each nutrient, Vita-Antioxidant offers excellent completeness, potency, quality, and safety. Vita-Antioxidant with the InCelligence Complex is uniquely formulated to go beyond providing the best possible vitamins and antioxidants to nourish your cells. It also helps to activate the natural intelligence of your cells to proactively promote cellular longevity and resilience, so your body is better able to meet your health needs.


USANA Core CellSentials

Core CellSentials supplies a balanced range of highly absorbable essential minerals and trace minerals. It also includes added vitamin C, as well as N-acetyl l-cysteine. Core CellSentials contain the following essential minerals:

  • Magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that control various natural reactions in the body. It is important for proper calcium utilization, and for maintaining healthy nerve, muscle, and cardiovascular function.*
  • Calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth as well as healthy muscle and nerve function.*
  • The magnesium and calcium blends in Core CellSentials are both composed partly from the ascorbate forms ofthe nutrients. Ascorbate is a source of another essential micronutrient: vitamin C.
  • Iodine is a crucial component in the body’s normal production of thyroid hormones.
  • Zinc is important for supporting our body’s natural healing process for minor cuts. It aids healthy bone structure development and promotes healthy immune function and healthy vision. Zinc also acts as an antioxidant.*
  • Selenium aids the body’s natural ability to produce glutathione, an endogenous antioxidant.
  • Copper is a critical component of the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD)—an endogenous antioxidant—and it helps form hemoglobin. Copper is also essential for collagen synthesis, and, thus, plays a role in connective tissue formation.*
  • Manganese, a mineral important for protein and glucose metabolism, manganese supports normal brain function. It activates numerous enzymes and can enhance the SOD enzyme system to support endogenous antioxidant activity.*
  • Chromium is an important component of the glucose tolerance factor (GTF), which helps maintain healthy glucose metabolism (provided it is already healthy).*
  • Boron supports the body’s ability to use calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus and plays a role in healthy brain function. Vanadium helps support healthy serum glucose levels, provided they are already healthy. And, maintaining a good balance of silicon in the body is important for maintaining strong bones and connective tissues.*
  • N-acetyl l-cysteine helps to support the production of endogenous antioxidants activated by the InCelligence Complex in Vita-Antioxidant.


Formulated by a team of nutritional-science experts using readily bioavailable forms of each nutrient, Core CellSentials offers excellent completeness, potency, quality, and safety. Core CellSentials is a premium blend of minerals designed to not only optimally nourish your cells but also support the activity of the InCelligence Complex in Vita-Antioxidant.


* The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA/BFAD. The products discussed are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent a specific disease or class of diseases. You should consult your family physician if you are experiencing a medical problem.