USANA Nutrimeal Dutch Chocolate
A perfectly nutritious meal replacement shake.


There’s a reason fiber plays such a critical part in the diet. Foods high in soluble and insoluble fiber are important for maintaining digestive health. When regularly eaten as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, soluble fiber has been shown to help support healthy cholesterol levels, provided they are healthy to begin with.*

Protein also plays an important part in a healthy diet. Soy protein is a complete protein, containing all of the essential amino acids in a highly digestible form. Whey protein, which is also easily digestible, is also an excellent source of amino acids essential for building a healthy body.*

A serving of Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal provides 15 grams of soy, whey, and pea protein. French Vanilla Nutrimeal provides 15 grams of soy protein per serving.


The protein blend in Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal provides the benefits of soy and whey, plus additional protein sources, such as pea protein isolate and rice protein concentrate, to provide a broad range of amino acids to the body. These flavors also contain ingredients known for their fiber content. These are perfect for those who are avoiding gluten, since all of our Nutrimeal formulas are gluten free.


Our French Vanilla Nutrimeal meal replacement is formulated with 100 percent soy protein for those who prefer non-animal proteins or who are lactose or gluten intolerant. Soy protein is a complete source of all the essential amino acids that are required by the human body.


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